Moretrench Industrial undertakes industrial construction projects as both a general contractor, design/builder, and subcontractor throughout the Southeastern United States. A significant portion of our work is focused on the specialized needs of the region’s chemical and manufacturing plant facilities.

Sector challenges we can solve

Keeping plants fully operational with a 24-hour hotline so in emergency situations we can mobilize to your facility (often within hours) and expedite our work schedule so that down-time is reduced, and full facility operations can resume
Performing regularly-scheduled upgrade and maintenance work within tight, predetermined windows as well as “will call” maintenance tasks

Surveying and mapping are often integral to major upgrade or maintenance projects. Conventional methods are time-consuming. Moretrench Industrial can provide faster (days rather than months) alternatives through our in-house tech department which offers aerial mapping, aerial video, terrestrial 3D laser scanning, and camera installations.

Our effective planning keeps projects on schedule for new or existing facilities. Often, construction, repair, or remediation must be performed in restricted access and/or active areas. We are proactive in minimizing any impact on ongoing facility operations.

What makes us different in this sector

Moretrench Industrial has a strong and committed safety culture. We maintain a permanent on-staff safety division, ensuring that our site crews are trained in a comprehensive range of standard industry health and safety and site-specific protocols and that our high safety standards are maintained throughout every project. Our extensive experience in a broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single-source many of the services they need. When required, we can also draw on the specialized geotechnical techniques available through Keller to complement our in-house expertise.