At Moretrench Industrial, a proactive approach to health and safety is integral to our culture. Our highest priority is providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors, and third parties. 

Keller's approach to safety - Think safe, work safe, go home safe

Safety management system

We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We provide training through our comprehensive in-house Safety Management System. Administered by highly qualified staff, this system equips employees with the knowledge to work safely and to nurture individual responsibility for safety through positive reinforcement. 

Key elements of the Safety Management System include:

  • Training and certification: Our training program covers 25 general and industry-specific training and annual refresher modules in the office and with our on-site mobile unit. We also ensure our crews are fully trained on our client's site-specific health and safety requirements.  
  • Hazard awareness, recognition, and identification: A Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction Talk (STARRT) is performed daily before starting work and when a new task begins. The STARRT process ensures that each employee knows the identified potential hazards, the controls in place, and their responsibility to perform the work within those controls.
  • Stop When Unsure (SWU) and Stop Work Authority (SWA): We all have a responsibility to speak up when we see unsafe activity, and everyone has the authority to stop work until it is safe, without the risk of repercussions. 

Everyone's responsibility 

We understand that safety is everyone's responsibility. We ensure all employees, contractors, and third parties are properly trained and feel confident to challenge and report unsafe practices. We make a difference by working together and recognizing that we all have a part to play.