Industrial plants typically run 24 hours a day year-round. For owners, keeping the plant fully operational is a driving factor. An unanticipated problem that disrupts client service can be extremely problematic and costly if not addressed promptly. Rapid response to rectify the problem is critical – and rapid response is a Moretrench Industrial specialty.

Emergency work services image

Common uses

Emergency pipeline repair
Pond and containment breach repair
Storm-related damage
Fire Department Trench Collapse Unit support


For a contractor to address an emergency rapidly and effectively, two factors are vital: the ability to respond immediately to an emergency call at any time of the day or night and the capability to develop and implement the site-specific solution that will resolve the problem the first time around.

Moretrench Industrial is often the first company called because its clients know that we have the resources, expertise, and personnel to respond quickly and get the job done safely. We have been responsible for getting many projects back on track, from small but vital failed underground pipeline repair to large and complex gypsum stack sinkhole remediation.

24-hour emergency hotline
(813) 651-4714