Moretrench Industrial has significant experience with storage facilities of all types, from dual-contained concrete structures to lined ponds to dry solid impoundments. We are involved in these projects, from new construction through operations and maintenance through closure or dismantlement.

Aerial of site

Common uses

Lined and unlined ponds
Percolation ponds
Primary and secondary containment berms
Concrete containment
Temporary containment or flow diversion


At Moretrench Industrial, we are valued for our ability to undertake these challenging projects and for mobilizing experienced construction teams that understand industrial facilities’ working conditions. We employ the most up-to-date construction means and methods to complete the improvement or closure safely and efficiently.

With a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions, which include soil types, groundwater levels, and potential obstructions, we can develop the optimum approach for the safe execution of the work. Our robust skill set means that nearly all our work can be self-performed and managed in-house. Our experience includes:

  • Clearing and grubbing (vegetation and/or unsuitable material removal)
  • Ground improvement (demucking, moisture conditioning, stabilization fabrics, grouting, etc.)
  • Earthwork and Excavation
  • Moisture conditioning, compaction, liner subgrade preparation, and final grading
  • Under-drains or seepage drains (complex systems requiring deep excavations, shoring, safety tie-off systems, select gravel/aggregate, geo-composites, outlet pipes, manholes, cleanouts, vents, and more)
  • Temporary dewatering (strategic, well-built sumps, well points, deep wells, or sock drains)
  • Stormwater or site drainage (piping, manholes, inlet/outlet structures, conveyance ditches)
  • Erosion and scour protection (fabri-form, uniform section mats, cable mats, rip-rap, energy dissipaters, etc.)
  • Final surfacing (stabilized roads, grassing, gravel ground cover, etc.)


We have a strong and committed safety culture. Our site crews are trained in a comprehensive range of standard industry health and safety and site-specific protocols and ensure our high safety standards are maintained throughout every project.
Our extensive experience in a broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single-source many of the services they need.
Our in-house tech department offers aerial mapping, aerial video, terrestrial 3D laser scanning, and camera installations which means we can provide faster (days rather than months) alternatives to conventional surveying and project monitoring.

Quality assurance

Depending on project requirements, excavators and graders can be fitted with onboard 3-D computers hooked into the machine’s hydraulics for pinpoint grade control. Data upload and download between the office and the field are transmitted directly to the onboard computer screen via satellite and cellular towers. The use of these systems increases accuracy, efficiency, and quality control.