1885 - Moretrench Manufacturing


Moretrench was founded by entrepreneur Thomas Moore, initially as a sewer contracting business in Buffalo, New York.

1880s+ Moretrench dewatering


Moretrench made its mark in dewatering and groundwater control.


In a move to take advantage of significant post-war growth, Moretrench opens a regional office in Florida to focus on the potentially lucrative southeastern dewatering market.

Al Schuman, Former President of Moretrench Industrial


Al Schuman, who will become President of Moretrench's Florida operations, is hired.


After several years as the manager of Moretrench's Syracuse, New York office, Al Schuman relocates to Florida to head up Moretrench's southeastern operations.


Al Schuman is named president of the newly formed Moretrench Environmental Services (MES), a division created to pursue environmental remediation work.


Moretrench is approached by a leading phosphate producer to install a system of relief wells to reverse the direction of groundwater flow in a gypsum stack. This project launches Moretrench's involvement in the phosphate industry. The initial 6,800 foot long systems, which were installed in emergency mode in 1987, would subsequently be increased in size to more than 11,000 feet. Moretrench would later install similar systems for other clients ranging in size from 1,250 feet to 6,300 feet.


Moretrench takes on a small concrete ditch job for Cargill Fertilizer. This marks not only the beginning of the company's concrete work but also the beginning of strong relationships with Florida's phosphate manufacturers that continue to this day.


Moretrench designs and builds a reverse osmosis treatment system to treat stormwater runoff from a phosphate facility.


Moretrench's client list increases when work begins to come its way from the various Florida power providers. From small beginnings, the power industry would grow to become a significant part of the company's work.

2003 - Moretrench Industrial Riverview office


Moretrench transfers its operations from Tampa to new premises in Riverview, Florida, a location more central to its client base.


Moretrench earns the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) Silver Award and the Mosaic Fertilizer Bronze Award for excellence in safety performance and leadership.


Moretrench develops a first-of-its-kind water emergency training program for mobile equipment operators working near open water.


Moretrench earns the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) Platinum Award and the Mosaic Fertilizer Gold Award for outstanding safety performance and leadership.

Moretrench Industrial Logo


Moretrench Environmental Services (MES) was acquired and joined the connected companies of Keller. It operates independently within the Keller Group and does business as Moretrench Industrial.