By-product management and containment services image
By-product management and containment

Moretrench Industrial has considerable experience in the construction, maintenance, by-product management and closure of these disposal/storage areas.

Civil works services image
Civil works

Moretrench Industrial undertakes a wide range of civil works both as a general contractor and a subcontractor to meet the specialized needs of the Southeast’s chemical and manufacturing plant facilities.

Concrete services image

Moretrench Industrial undertakes a variety of above- and below-ground concrete work, as either stand alone projects or as part of larger industrial project.

Emergency work services image
Emergency work

Industrial plants typically run 24 hours a day year round. An unanticipated problem with the potential to disrupt service can be problematic and costly if not addressed in a timely manner. Rapid response to rectify the problem is critical – and rapid response is a Moretrench Industrial specialty.

Drone flying
Mapping and Surveying

Moretrench Industrial offers a wide range of state-of-the-art terrestrial, aerial, and water-related mapping and surveying services that deliver rapid and extremely accurate results in hours/days.

Mechanical services image

Moretrench Industrial operates a full-time mechanical division that offers above-ground services such as shop or on-site welding and fabrication of coded piping and vessels, boilers and general plant process equipment to a range of industrial clients.

Solar farm development
Solar farm development

Moretrench Industrial can marshal its considerable experience and expertise to undertake the large scale site development required to accommodate solar farm installations for Florida’s power providers.

Storage facilities and ponds services image
Storage facilities and ponds

Moretrench Industrial has significant experience with storage facilities of all types from dual-contained concrete structures to lined ponds to dry solid impoundments.