Moretrench Industrial is a general contractor and subcontractor that self-performs 95% of its work, with considerable experience installing all piping for the specialized needs of the Southeast’s power, chemical, and manufacturing plant facilities.

Aerial of piping

Common uses

Transportation of materials, including water, steam, wastewater, chemical solutions, gases, and slurries.
Above and under-ground Fireline.


Moretrench performs all aspects of general plant piping. Using in-house technology and third-party teams, Moretrench ensures the location of existing utilities before breaking ground. With a team of piping specialists, Moretrench installs, maintains, and repairs underground, on-ground, and overhead plant piping for the following: 

  • HDPE piping: Fusion or mechanical connections, slip lining, and dual containment.
  • PVC pipe: Heat and chemical fusion or mechanical connections, installation, slip lining, and dual containment.
  • Steel/stainless steel/ductal iron pipe: Welded/mechanical/threaded connections, installation, and repairs.


We have a strong and committed safety culture. Our site crews are trained in a comprehensive range of standard industry health and safety and site-specific protocols and ensure that all our personnel and others on site return home safely.
Our extensive experience in a broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single source many of their needed services.
We use the latest GPS technology for real-time adjustments and seamless design modifications.

Quality assurance

Moretrench has a zero-line strike policy. Before excavation or installation, we use our in-house technologies and third-party teams to verify the location of existing utilities. Following installation, we verify the pipe location using surveys. We verify piping installation quality with x-rays, visuals, testing, and engineering methodology.