Moretrench Industrial operates a full-time mechanical division that offers above-ground services to industrial clients. The division has broad capabilities such as shop or on-site welding and fabrication of coded piping and vessels, boilers, and general plant process equipment.

Mechanical work

Common uses

Small capital projects
Planned outage support
General plant maintenance


Our mechanical experience and safety record are valued highly by clients who trust Moretrench Industrial to undertake a diverse range of projects to assist in keeping industrial plants running and up to date. Our services also include work on new plants and infrastructure. Depending on the project, components of the work may include:

  • Structural steel fabrication and installation
  • Critical equipment installation
  • Process and transfer piping (including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy, HDPE, rubber-lined)
  • Large-diameter pipe installation
  • Walkways, platforms, and stairs


We have a strong and committed safety culture. Our site crews are trained in a comprehensive range of standard industry health and safety and site-specific protocols and ensure our high safety standards are maintained throughout every project.
Our extensive experience in a broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single-source many of the services they need.
Our in-house tech department offers aerial mapping, aerial video, terrestrial 3D laser scanning, and camera installations which means we can provide faster (days rather than months) alternatives to conventional surveying.

Quality assurance

Moretrench Industrial is certified for ASME and NBIC code welding with R, U, and S stamps. We adhere to our QA/QC program, which includes roles and responsibilities, document and material control, material certifications and traceability, process control, inspection and tests, nonconforming work, and corrective actions.