Moretrench undertakes in-plant excavations, working with their client’s best interest in mind. With a crew of Class A operators and a comprehensive, in-house heavy equipment fleet, Moretrench ensures a timely excavation to meet the client’s specialized needs. 

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Common uses

Installation or repair of piping/utilities/conduits.
Trenches, trench drains (drainage panel), Trenwa.
Excavation and replacement of soil.
Excavation and replacement of soil.
Dig or drill to install piles/poles/steam traps/concrete fan bases, pits, elevator pits, and containment pits.


With a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions, which include soil types, groundwater levels, and potential obstructions, we can develop the optimum approach for the safe excavation of the project. Components of the work may include the following: 

  • Clearing and stripping 
  • Soil excavation 
  • Support work 


We have a strong and committed safety culture. Our site crews are trained in a comprehensive range of standard industry health and safety and site-specific protocols and ensure our high safety standards are maintained throughout every project.
Our extensive experience in a broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single source many of the services they need.
Our in-house tech department offers aerial mapping, aerial video, terrestrial 3D laser scanning, and camera installations, which means we can provide faster (days rather than months) alternatives to conventional surveying.

Quality assurance

Moretrench has a zero-line strike policy. Before excavating, we use our in-house technology and third-party teams to verify existing utilities and pipelines.  

Depending on project requirements, excavators and graders can be fitted with onboard 3-D computers hooked into the machine’s hydraulics for pinpoint grade control.